Friday, May 8, 2009

Gay Marriage in DC

District of Columbia Councilman Marion Barry voted against legislation that would recognize the marriages of gays and lesbians from states that allow gay marriage. He voted against it for admittedly religious reasons.

A man who committed adultery and has been married four times is taking a stance on religious principle. Outrageous. Jesus never denounced homosexuality specifically but he had a great deal to say about divorce and adultery. Barry, who smoked crack on national television with a prostitute in a hotel room has set a new gold standard for hypocrisy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mayor of Detroit

Dave Bing was elected to fulfill the rest of Kwame Kilpatrick's term as mayor of Detroit. The 65 year-old former NBA player and hall of fame hero turned business man, will serve for at least the next seven months. Bing has no experience in politics so I hope he's a quick study.

But I don't think he was elected for his ability to handle the city's deficit or keeping the World Auto Show in Detroit. In a corrupt system he is a turn toward integrity. He ran on a platform of change. But that change will need to be as much a change in moral direction as it is economic.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pig Flu

This weekend I was talking with a friend who is an educator. He mentioned that in the wake of the swine flu he had stopped eating pork. I was shocked that he really thought he could catch the flu from eating pork. Then I found out that in Cairo the government ordered the slaughter of all pigs.

The flu in all its forms is a virus. It’s transferred through contact with a live virus. There are plenty of reasons to restrict your pork intake but fear of the flu’s not one of them.

I think the media is causing people to freak out a little. There have been about 900 deaths from the swine flu. That’s a lot of people, but the regular flu kills 30,000 people a year. We should be cautious but not crazy. The mania surrounding this strain of flu is as ridiculous as flying pigs.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Justice David Souter

President Obama will get to appoint his first justice to the Supreme Court. David Souter, the 69 year-old associate justice, announced his retirement yesterday. Justice Souter was appointed by President George H. W. Bush.

This just keeps getting better. The Obama legacy is growing by leaps and bounds right before our eyes. He's fixing the economy, reforming health care, education, and the environment. He was faced with pirates and a faltering government on the U.S. southern border. He's been faced with a possible pandemic. Now he has to see a nominee through to confirmation on the Supreme Court. This is all in the first 101 days. All I can say is...go Obama go, go Obama go, go Obama go!