Monday, May 4, 2009

Pig Flu

This weekend I was talking with a friend who is an educator. He mentioned that in the wake of the swine flu he had stopped eating pork. I was shocked that he really thought he could catch the flu from eating pork. Then I found out that in Cairo the government ordered the slaughter of all pigs.

The flu in all its forms is a virus. It’s transferred through contact with a live virus. There are plenty of reasons to restrict your pork intake but fear of the flu’s not one of them.

I think the media is causing people to freak out a little. There have been about 900 deaths from the swine flu. That’s a lot of people, but the regular flu kills 30,000 people a year. We should be cautious but not crazy. The mania surrounding this strain of flu is as ridiculous as flying pigs.

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