Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin’s reputation as a maverick is on the verge of becoming mythical. Her resignation as Alaska’s governor has left pundunts and politicos scratching their heads. Even the long time Republican stragegists are wondering what’s up.

If she was running for president you’d think she would finish her term as governor. Executive experience was her chief selling after all. Now she not even a first term governor. So what’s this really about? When is the other shoe going to drop?

Here’s my forecast. I say she’s realized that her hundred thousand dollar salary is not enough to pay for the five hundred thousand dollar legal fees associated with the state trooper scandal. My guess is that she has some kind of entertainment deal in her sights. Perhaps a show on Fox News or conservative radio show. She may find that she can make top dollar on the lecture circuit given her ability to draw a conservative crowd. I wouldn’t rule out soon-to-be former Governor Palin’s announcement that she has been called into some kind of evangelical ministries.

Whatever she decides to do for her next act, rest assured that it will be something that benefits her. Sarah Palin is an opportunist and she’s not concerned with the welfare of her constituents or the public good. I hope that people who were comfortable with the idea of Palin standing a heartbeat away from the presidency see what kind of executive she would really be. A self serving quitter.

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