Friday, September 11, 2009

911 Eight Years Later

Its been eight years since the 911 attacks that gripped the nation. The President and First Lady braved the cool fall weather and the rain (much of the time without umbrellas) to honor the fallen and support the families that they left behind.

I still marvel that people could unleash such violence on other people. Anytime that happens I am deeply saddened. What is more remarkable is the courage displayed by people in crisis. One of the stories I recall was the security guard who led three separate groups of strangers down the stairs to safety. Four times he charged up into a building on fire until it finally collapsed on top of him.
September 11 was declared a National Day of Service by executive order of President Obama. (Not a bad day's work for someone who conservative extremists have branded an un-American, communist, socialist, fascist, terrorist, liar ugh?)

Let us live up to the challenge to do something today that in some small way honors the examples of love and sacrifice that shown through the rubble of that national catastrophe.

God bless the President. God bless the United States of America.

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