Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo The 130 Million Dollar Man

Real Spain just paid Manchester United a record $130 million dollars for footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo the 24 year old Portuguese winger is in Los Angeles and not getting much love in the press. TMZ calls him a “greasy euro douche”. Most of the twitter responses say that England fans are glad to be rid of him. There is no end to the negative comments on the web about his over prossesed hair, his orange tan, his too tight shirts, his short shorts and his over rated skills on the football field. It all looks to me like a big steaming pile of hate.

Come on, the kid looks like a machine built with blue prints drawn from Leonardo DaVinci's design of man, he is ubber talented on the soccer field, young, and rich. Sure he was born under one of the luckiest stars. But he also works hard, has strict diet and plays brilliantly. So I say this to all the haters; hit the gym, find a tailor, and figure out a way to make a profit doing whatever it is YOU do best. That will leave you personally fulfilled. And it will leave you with a lot less hate to spew.

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