Friday, August 21, 2009

This Blood's For You

I'm a fan of the HBO original series True Blood. If you're a fan too, you might be interested to know that coming soon to a store near you is tru blood the beverage. Soon fans can enjoy the experience of drinking blood orange soda pacakaged as the blood substitute from the show. If you want to get some in time for the season finale you can order it on line @ before September 10th. A pack of four will run you about sixteen bucks. A case of twenty four is ninety-six dollars.

For those who like a drink with a little more bite, professional and amateur bartenders are busy experimenting with new cocktails that feature tru blood as the chaser. Tru blood cocktails may prove to be a little tricky from a commercial stand point. Afterall, part of the appeal of the beverage is the bottle itself.

My first impression was that the launch of tru blood was a piece of brilliant marketing. But when I think about it, there are a lot of weirdos for whom drinking faux blood might have some unintended consequences. Will the sale of tru blood be a hit or a disaster? Who can say for sure? But my prediction is that vodka and tru blood will be the drink of choice at any good Halloween party this year.

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