Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Back

I'd like to apologize to folks who were readers. I stopped posting because my friends and family who claimed to like my writing, weren't reading my blog. So I thought, what's the point? The point is I have something to say.

My 94 year old Aunt Rosie died two weeks ago yesterday. She use to testify every Sunday she was at church. She started by lining a hymn, either "Put Your Time in, Payday is Coming After while" or "Jesus on the Mainline, Tell Him What You Want." As she approached the last two verses she would stand up and conclude the last verse on her feet. She would then give her testimony. It was always the same testimony every Sunday. I remember my cousins and I would repeat it to each other exchanging lines like folks do with The Color Purple. My favorite line of her testimony was a kind of a warning. "Children we livin in a perilous time, and I pray for folks in the whole round world. I prays for the unconcerned, that they gets concerned."

So this is my comeback, my return to those like-minded individuals who recognize that we live in a perilous time; and that our only hope is that all those who are unconcerned in fact get concerned. It occurs to me now, that Aunt Rosie, sister to my sainted grandmother, wasn't concerned about whether her message was being received. Her responsibility rested in getting that message out. She had something to say. She said it. Lucky for me, and hopefully some others, what she had to say had resonance.

The problem with the world is that the unconcerned are becoming an increasing majority. Maybe they wouldn't be if those of us who have something to say would say it. So this blog is my testimony.

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  1. Words cannot express how touch I am by this post. In life, we never know how our deeds will inpact others.. you made my day. Welcome back!! -Lofton