Monday, September 12, 2011

Voter I.D. Bill

The conservative contingent of the NC Legislature has passed a Voter I.D. Bill that would require voters to show a state-issued photo identification card in order to cast a vote. That is a poll tax.

It's a poll tax because it requires anyone who votes to go to the NC Department of Motor Vehicles and purchase an identification card. If one has to spend money to vote then that is a fee, an enfranchisement tarriff, surcharge on the liberty of citizenship, a poll tax, an assault on the Voting Rights Act of 1964.

The Voting Rights Act of 1964 established extensive federal oversight of elections administration, providing that states with a history of discriminatory voting practices could not implement any change affecting voting without first obtaining the approval of the Department of Justice.

Conservatives want to take "their country back". Back to a time when old white men of means controlled the government. The way to do that is to disenfranchise those who would most benefit from a progressive movement, the poor. To force college students to return to their home states to vote. To create a hardship on the elderly and the disabled who benefit from government programs.

Please join and/or support the NAACP as we strive to seek to appeal this egregious law in the courts. It takes money to pay lawyers, and it takes time to protest. I implore you to contribute either or both as liberally as a love of liberty will permit.

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