Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beaux Noirs En Vogue

Vogue magazine was first published in 1892. It has become the world's most influential fashion magazine. Caroline Weber wrote "The magazine has long functioned as a bible for anyone who worships at the altar of luxury, celebrity and style." But for nearly a century African-American style did not warrant the much coveted cover of the magazine.

It was eighty-four years after the first edition that the first African-American woman graced the the cover. In 1974 super-model Beverly Johnson was literally en vogue. Now we see the image of African American beauty so often in the media that its easy to forget that Black was not always considered beautiful in the main stream.

In 2009, almost 35 years since the first African-American woman appeared on the cover of the iconic publication First Lady Michelle Obama beamed all over the March 2009 cover. And if anybody embodies luxury, celebrity and style she does. The world class entertainer Beyonce will be featured on the of the April 2009 cover. Only four months into the year, and half of the covers have gone to African-American women. That's some achievement, when you consider that it took almost 100 years for it to happen at all.

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