Monday, March 23, 2009

What Ever Happened to Theme Songs?

Remember television theme songs? Different Strokes, The Brady Bunch, Gimme A Break, The Beverly Hillbillies, All in the Family, The Facts of Life, Silver Spoons, Good Times, Giligan's Island, Golden Girls. The air waves use to be full of sitcoms with lyircs that set the tone of the show in musical verse. It was a slower time. A calmer time. It was a little added fun to lull you into 30 minutes of frivolity. And like Fat Albert use to say "if you not careful you might learn something before you're done." But then theme song lyrics were replaced with jazzy little instrumentals. What happened? Where did the lyrics go? What's wrong with words?

One show with a lyrical theme song remains to delight. The Big Bang Theory (cast pictured here) which airs Monday nights on CBS at 8:00 pm has a really fun theme song. The theme was written and performed by the group Bare Naked Ladies. The theme recounts the history of the world in about a minute.
The show is brilliantly funny, extremely well cast, smartly written and shot beautifully. Everything about the show works. But after I accidently missed the begining one week I felt like something was missing. I realized that I missed the opening theme song. That's the thing I look forward to most. The half hour was still good, but if I don't get to try (the song is really fast) and sing along with the them then I feel incomplete. For one minute once a week I shed the weight of the last 25 years and I a kid again. Aaah those were the days.

Dear Hollywood,

More theme songs please.

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