Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seperated at Birth

I think America's Next Top Model and Rupaul's Drag Race are the same show. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Tyra Banks and Rupaul are the same person; or they were at least separated shortly after birth.
What I can't for the life me understand is why these freakishly unattractive people consider themselves qualified to coach people who are, as a general rule, relatively attractive? Tyra Banks and Rupaul are successful at hiding their extra terrestrial looks behind air brushed make-up, sewn on wigs and couture costumes. But outside of the circus, how exactly does that qualify you to be a career coach?
Perhaps it's a reflection of the insecurity of the contestants that people compete season after season for the glory of being America's next carnival freak. Or perhaps the fact that millions regularly tune in to watch each week is more of a reflection on the downward spiral of society.

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