Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Press Conference 2.0

President Obama gave his second prime time press conference tonight. The questions ranged from health care to the economy. The answers were the same answers we've been getting since January 20th.

In a nutshell, he inherited a trillion dollar deficit, two wars on two different fronts, a lack luster immigration policy, a crumbling infrastructure and the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression. His solutions include stabilizing the economy with large infusions of capital, investing in health care, education and energy; and doing it all at once. But the most interesting thing about the press conference wasn't what he said but who asked the questions.

President Obama invited questions from a cross section of journalists that ran the gambit in the media industry. I may be mistaken but I think that tonight was the first time I ever heard a reporter from Ebony magazine ask a United States president a question on television. A journalist from Politico was invited to ask a question. I know that's the first time I've ever heard a journalist from a blog site ask a question. Representatives of the Hispanic television station Univision and Fox News were called upon as well. I'm use to hearing questions from ABC, CBS, NBC and even CNN. But kudos to the new president for broading the scope of media represented in the White House Press Corps and in prime time. Appealing to various media outlets to get his message out is the way to build unity and reinforce the respect he's gained in different cultural communities.

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