Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Fighting is a movie about, wait for it ….fighting. I went to see it because I think Terrence Howard is a versatile and entertaining actor. To bad his performance is something of a distraction in this movie. Overall the movie is dull.

The movie seemed rushed. The characters were one dimensional and their connections with one another were tenuous at best. The fight scenes were brief and few and too far apart to make the movie interesting overall. The fight sequences were as predictable as a Rocky sequels. The rise of the hero Shawn McArthur, played by Channing Tatum, was unrealistic. His subway workout was ridiculous. The back story was seriously flawed. Then there was his romantic interest. I haven’t seen a more contrived and ill conceived romance since the Titanic. There was one lone attempt to deliver a plot twist, but it was stillborn.

There was one pleasant surprise. Brian J. White (pictured here) gave the only believable performance in the movie. I really found myself hating his character Evan Hailey. That means White did his job. I didn’t care at all if the hero had a happy ending. I just wanted White’s character to get what was coming to him. Interestingly enough, the best performance in this movie was given by an actor who got something like fifth billing in the credits. Most public relations material says "Brian White plays opposite the star Channing Tatum". But that’s like saying Darth Vader played opposite Jar Jar Binks.

All and all this movie is worth seeing. On cable. If you're suffering from insomnia.

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