Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Good to be King

I know I'm two years late with this post but its still worth mentioning that this is not your father's King Henry VIII. The third season of The Tudors just started on Showtime Sunday nights 9:00 pm EST. And boy what a thrill ride.

It is loosely, and I mean LOOSELY, based on the life and times of England's petulant and progressive king, Henry Tudor. Historically the show is riddled with inaccuracies but it is so much fun to watch that you're forced to forgive the blurring of fact and fiction, provided you even notice it all. It is well written, well cast and the costume and scene budgets must be inexhaustible. The drama is high, with plot twists that are not as predictable as one might expect from a 500 year old story. The talented actors give emotional performances with rapid fire speech. Every scene is full of strikingly beautiful women with ample heaving bosoms and men exuding so much virile masculinity, that you forget completely that they're wearing tights.

Season four has been green lit. I don't know how long this show can continue without a more portly portrayal of the 15th century monarch. But I hope the creators can figure out how to keep it going. After all they still have four more wives to go.

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