Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Bo...Next.

All the world can breath a collective sigh of relief. No the economy is not rebounding. Bin Laden has not been brought to justice. The Mexican government has not defeated the the drug cartels. North Korea didn't trash its missile codes. Iran still has nukes. Hezbollah still vows to destroy Israel. The polar caps are still melting at an alarming rate. But oh thank God the Obamas have a new puppy. A Portuguese water dog to be exact. Never seen one before? Picture a standard poodle on steroids and you've got it.

I know good news is a rare commodity these days and we should rejoice when we find it. But it just seems a little weird that this has been headline news since the story was leaked Saturday night (three days ago). Let's run along now to the next big thing, shall we?

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