Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Most world religions agree that we have a relationship with the Earth. The Judeo-Christian religions teach that God gave man “dominion over the Earth”. That implies a certain stewardship. It implies a responsibility to take care of the Earth and use it responsibily.

Other religions believe some version the notion that Gaia Earth is our mother. She provides the resources we need to survive. We are under obligation to be grateful and use those resources gently and wisely.

Even some people with no particular religious affiliation believe intellectually that we can not continue to use the resources of the Earth with brutal disregard for our own impact on the future availability of those resources.

Today is a day to consider how to be more thoughtful about our impact on the world. Listed below are my own green resolutions that I’m trying to include in my lifestyle. I encourage you to think about how to be greener. What’s good for Earth is good for us.

  • Avoid single use plastic and Styrofoam (I use a travel mug at work and avoid disposable plates and forks, spoons, knives, even coffee stirrers)

  • Buy local or regional products if given a choice (I actively seek a choice)

  • Use a lap top at home and at work. They use less energy than desk tops

  • Use cold water to wash clothes. It saves 80% of the energy required to wash clothes.

  • Eat less beef. Cattle requires large amounts of land and water. Plus the gas they release is toxic to the atmosphere. (This by far is the hardest thing)

  • Use a canvas bag that can be used over and over again when I go grocery shopping

  • Reduce my consumption. Live more simply and starkly so that I don’t require so much stuff.

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