Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out of Africa

If you are not watching The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on HBO Sunday nights at 8pm (with re-airs throughout the week) then you are missing it. By "it" I mean the freshest, smartest and funniest new show on cable. Grammy award winner Jill Scott is perfectly cast as Mma Precious Ramotsue, the first lady detective in Bostwana. The accent, by the way, is spot on. Tony award winner and Florida A&M University graduate Anika Noni Rose, steals every scene "97%".

The show is not nearly as racy as other HBO shows tend to be. Its not even racy by FX standards. In fact, the word wholesome springs to mind. All the family-friendly actions and interactions of the characters runs smoothly together, all well lubricated by copious amounts of red bush tea.

It's also good to see people in Africa living lives of relative comfort and peace. Colonization, famine, war, and government corruption are mercifully not features of the story.

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