Friday, April 10, 2009

Dead Men Don't Bite

This post is going to sound uncharacteristically,but decidely hawkish. I by nature am a dove. But the Somali pirates went too far when they boarded a U.S. ship and took the captain hostage. Maybe I've seen too many Errol Flynn movies. But I say the U.S. Navy snipers should shoot the pirates, cut their heads off and post them on pikes all along the Somali coastline. A deterrent to those who aspire to one day hijack ships (even commercial ones) from the most powerful nation on Earth.

Long ago Roman citizens could travel the world without fear of molestation. The statement "I am a citizen of Rome" use to mean that the speaker would be treated justly or the molester would suffer the full wrath of the empire. So let it be today. Let those pirates, and the world, know that those who sail under the stars and stripes will do so free from the fear of tyranny of bloody cut throats. Or else retribution will be terrible.

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