Friday, April 3, 2009

Leading Ladies

The Obamas are in France, having just left the G-20 meeting. They were recieved by President Zarkozy and First-Lady Carla Bruni. Carla Bruni, a former fashion model, is one of the most photographed women in Europe. She known around the world for her style despite her dislike of clothes and jewelry. She prefers jeans and t-shirts.

In this picture both are wearing coats. Michelle Obama, never afraid to dare, looks a little upstaged by the clean classic line of Carla Bruni's coat. Obama's coat is made of rich eye catching fabric but makes her look matronly. Bruni's bow, her 3/4 sleeves, covered buttons and matching belt worked together successfully to perpetuate her image, which is nothing if not chic.

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