Thursday, April 16, 2009

Would You Twitter This Guy?

If the answer is yes then you're not alone. Ashton Kutcher is in the running to be the first to recieve 1 million followers on the social networking site Twitter. His nearest competitor is CNN.

As of this entry 977,911 people were following Kutcher to find out where he is, what he's doing and how he feels about it. All in real time. Why? Well, that's a whole seperate blog entry.

Both Kutcher, and wife Demi Moore, reportedly use twitter to communicate directly with their fans. That way they control their public relations information more personally. They pretty much cut out the tabloids. One of the reasons his twitter following is so large is because he is generally believed to be twittering himself. Some celebrities, like rapper 50 Cent, hire ghost writers to tweet for them.
So if you're interested in knowing the daily meaderings of Kutcher; and you want to help him make pop culture history, you can send him a tweet or a twitter at

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